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Learning to play poker is not difficult. However, playing it successfully in the long run is an art. A successful player doesn't always win at poker - but he earns more money with good cards and loses less money with bad cards than a mediocre player. And that's what makes the difference in playing profitably.



Roger Gertschen, Chef And Poker Coach


20 years of experience as a chef and as a poker player - that's enough said. At your poker night you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about live and online poker.



Claudia Chinello, multipreneur and Poker Coach

Owner of the largest poker school in Switzerland and with over 15 years of experience in event organization. The guarantor for a perfect poker night.



Life is a game - And we'll win it.


Poker trains our analytical and mathematical skills, it promotes solution-oriented thinking, teaches us patience and self-discipline and requires long-term investment thinking. Playing poker means, based on the current situation, which you have to understand and interpret correctly, to adjust your next steps so that exactly what you want happens.



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We are happy to recommend musicians, photographers and decoration geniuses.

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